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The Wayward Girls by Amanda Mason

In Amanda Mason's first novel The Wayward Girls, it's the 1970s and two adolescent girls, Bee and Loo, are living in isolated farmhouse with their bohemian mother Cathy and siblings, Dan, Florian and Anto. While their father Joe, an artist, is away working in Scotland the girls start to hear strange knocking sounds in their shared bedroom ... and then other things start to happen. Marbles are hurled through the air by an invisible force, and furniture moves on its own. Desperate for help, the family become involved with a local photographer and a team of paranormal investigators who make it their mission to find out who, or what, is haunting Iron Syke Farm - and why it seems to manifest so strongly around the girls.

In the present day, Loo is now Lucy and Cathy is in a care home, mostly lucid but in the early stages of dementia. When Cathy has an accident while wandering outside, convinced she has seen the ghostly figure of a young girl in the grounds, Lucy discovers that a gr…

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