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Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Laurel's eldest daughter, Ellie, disappeared just before her GCSEs. A decade on, Laurel is amicably divorced from her husband Paul and living alone. Her relationships with her other adult children, Hanna and Jake, are also perfectly amicable but not, somehow, as close as they should be in the wake of losing bright, kind, cheerful Ellie.

Eventually, Laurel meets Floyd, a handsome, well-dressed single man whose own family set-up is also a little complicated: his adult daughter Sara-Jane is a slightly troubled character, and he's a single dad to Sara-Jane's half-sister Poppy, aged nine, whose dysfunctional mother effectively abandoned her on his doorstep.
When Laurel meets Poppy, she's nonplussed by her unusual personality and eerily precocious manner, which is charming and infuriating by turns. But what strikes her most of all is how much Poppy looks like the missing Ellie. Is Laurel going mad? Is the resemblance purely a coincidence? Or is something much more strange g…

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