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The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

I have a terrible weakness for books about absurd posh people being eccentric in large houses between the wars, and I'm also fascinated by the Mitford sisters*, so it's remarkable that I'd never got round to readingThe Pursuit of Lovebefore and I doubt anyone will be surprised that I loved it.

The Pursuit of Love clearly borrows fairly heavily from Nancy Mitford's own bizarre upbringing. It's narrated by Fanny Logan. Fanny's mother, known as 'The Bolter' has abandoned her in order to pursue a series of love affairs, leaving her in the care of Fanny's Aunt Emily. Emily and Fanny spend a great deal of time staying with their relatives, the Radlett family, at their ancestral home of Alconleigh.

Needless to say, the Radletts all seem to be, in varying degrees, slightly mad. Uncle Matthew is a blustering tyrant who despises foreigners, the nouveau riche, Catholics and people who say 'notepaper', 'mirror' and 'perfume' instead of &…

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