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The Quickening by Julie Myerson

The Quickening is one of a series of shortish horror novels commissioned by Hammer from authors who aren't generally known for writing horror. Other writers who have written for Hammer include Jeanette Winterson, DBC Pierre, Helen Dunmore and Sophie Hannah, and this offering is from Julie Myerson.

Pregnant Rachel has just married Dan after a surprise proposal, and Dan has booked, also as a surprise, a honeymoon to Antigua. But as soon as they arrive, Rachel starts to feel uneasy. Objects move and disappear. Food suddenly tastes of blood. A strange man in a grey suit seems to have something he wants to tell her. And a few days into the holiday, a woman is murdered.

I did like the choice of setting, as it's unusual for ghost stories to be set in hot, bright, sunny environments, and I'm a firm believer that idyllic tropical locations can be just as oppressive and frightening as dark and gloomy ones. There's also some interesting things to be said about how the line betwee…

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