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Foe by Iain Reid

Foe, the second novel by Canadian author Iain Reid, begins with a car pulling up at an remote rural farmhouse. Junior and his wife Hen don't get manyvisitors, and the arrival of Terrance feels slightly ominous. Even more ominous, then, is the purpose of Terrance's visit. He's come to tell them that Junior has been shortlisted for a government programme, run by a company called OuterMore, that will see him sent away to spend a couple of years in space, during which Hen will be left alone in the farm house. What's even more strange, though, is how OuterMore propose to compensate Hen for Junior's absence. Let's not beat about the bush: like Reid's previous novel, I'm Thinking Of Ending Things, Foe is a novel about denial, isolation, fractured relationships and existential dread. It's set some time inthe nearish future during a hot, flat, featureless summer, and despite the setting's vast, empty agricultural landscape of endless rapeseed fields, there…

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