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Stone Mothers by Erin Kelly

Stone Mothers is a suspense novel by Erin Kelly, author of the excellent He Said/She Said

Marianne Thackeray's husband surprises her one day with the purchase of a flat close to Nusstead, the Suffolk village where she grew up, so she doesn't have to stay in hotels during the sabbatical she's taking to help her sister look after their ailing mother. It's a luxury show flat in a stunning Victorian building - a converted mental hospital, in fact - complete with access to a gym and a pool. So why is Marianne so utterly horrified? And why is she so intimidated by the presence of Jesse, an old flame from her teenage years who, unlike Marianne, has never moved away from isolated, rundown Nusstead? It's clear that Jesse knows something about Marianne and the old Nazareth hospital - something that threatens to derail her career, her marriage and her relationship with her fragile, troubled daughter Honor. And how is Helen Greenlaw, a formidable 80-year-old politician who n…

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