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The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

I bought this from Amazon without noticing it's actually a Kindle Single, a shorter work released by Amazon for a reduced price. That means The Grownup is really more of an extended short story than a book in its own right, as at 97 pages in the Kindle edition (and fewer in paperback) it's barely long enough to qualify even as a novella. It is, however, a good one-sitting read.

The Grownup's narrator is a sex worker who has branched out into giving psychic readings. She doesn't believe in psychic abilities or the supernatural, but her troubled childhood and criminal past amount to a lifetime of observing other people and using what she learns to manipulate and dupe them, so she's able to well as a clairvoyant.

One day, she gives a reading for Susan, the second wife of a well-off man and stepmother to his teenage son  Miles, whose disturbing behaviour Susan is convinced is caused by dark forces present in the family's Victorian mansion. The narrator opportunisti…

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