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Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

'Chick lit' and 'beach reads' are both terms I've seen used to describe Liane Moriarty's fiction, and I really wish people would just stop, because both descriptions are reductive nonsense that would never be applied to fiction written by men. Moriarty writes women's fiction with primarily female lead characters and her books are gripping, smart and funny.

Big Little Lies is easy to read and hard to put down. It's the story of three women: Madeleine, Jane and Celeste. All three women have children who are starting infant school in Pirriwee, a middle-class coastal town in New South Wales, Australia. Jane is new to Pirriwee and keen that her son, Ziggy, fits in, so when he's accused of attacking another child on his school orientation day, Jane is horrified - while also convinced that he isn't guilty. Madeleine and Celeste stick by Jane, while the other parents give her a wide berth. At the start of the book, we're told that something terrible …

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