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All The Rage by Cara Hunter

All The Rage is the fourth book in Cara Hunter's immensely readable police procedural crime series featuring DI Adam Fawley. Set in Oxford, they're gripping mysteries that are best read in the order of publication, as although each one can stand alone as a whodunnit, there are storylines relating to the personal lives of Fawley and his team that carry over from one book to another.

This time, Fawley is investigating what seems to be the attempted abduction of a teenage girl, Faith. Discovered by a motorist after making her escape, Faith has been hooded with a plastic bag and bundled into a van, her hands bound with cable ties. But she insists she hasn't been sexually assaulted and both she and her mother seem reluctant to cooperate with the investigation, putting it down to an April Fool's Day prank that 'got out of hand'. Fawley is concerned that elements of the attack on Faith seems similar to a series of rapes he investigated as a young detective sergeant se…

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