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The Golden Rule by Amanda Craig

Amanda Craig's The Golden Rule has as its basic premise a classic 'Strangers On A Train' scenario: two characters meet on a long train journey and realise their problems could be solved if they each murdered the person making the other's life a misery. Hannah, the protagonist, is struggling to support herself and her young daughter in London by working as a gig-economy cleaner, while her abusive, wealthy ex-husband Jake withholds support payments and threatens to make them homeless. Travelling to her childhood home in Cornwall in the wake of her mother's death, Hannah is offered a seat in First Class by glam orous J inni, who is going through an appalling divorce from Con, her violent Cornish husband. Confused, desperate and angry, Hannah agrees to rid Jinni of Con if Jinni will kill the loathsome Jake. But when Hannah, armed with a taser, goes to Con's rambling ancestral home, nothing is as she expects. The owner of decaying mansion is actually called Stan, fo

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