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Starve Acre by Andrew Michael Hurley

Andrew Michael Hurley seems to have carved out a niche for himself as a writer of thoughtful, literary folk horror set in isolated rural communities. His third novel Starve Acre - fittingly, due to be published on 31 October - is a shorter, perhaps less ambiguous example of the genre than The Loney and Devil's Day, but it's every bit as chillingly sinister.

Richard and Juliette Willoughby have inherited Starve Acre, Richard's family home in a remote Yorkshire village. At the start of the book, they are grieving for their little boy, Ewan, who has recently died and whose presence Juliette is convinced she can still feel in the house. With the help of their friend Gordon, a local antique dealer, they agree to a seance with the Beacons, an occult group who suggest they can help release Ewan's spirit.

Meanwhile, Richard is also determined to find the roots of an old tree that used to stand on his family's land, and digs obsessively for them. Some woodcuts in his father…

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